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     MeeSeva Services Update List

1)  EAMCET Best Option Entry with
2)   Down load only Team Viewer - Version 5 software for Remote support.
3)   Launching of our new Call Centre.
4)   EAMCET/ICET webcounseling Guidance Services
5)   Commissions, for the month of July- 2012, are given as a topup to all franchisees. 
6)   New Patch file for, APOnline Login is still not working even after loading Service Pack 3 in system.
7)   SP -3 Down Load link to Migrate from SP2 To SP3.
8)   Follow the instructions for uploading meeseva quality photos
9)   MeeSeva Logo and Banner Files for Flexi Printing
10)  ***MeeSeva Stationary - Serial Number Confusion.
11)  MeeSeva Services Physical Application forms are also available in "" portal web site. Please down load from it.
12)  Hath Way Broad Band Bill Payment Service has been enabled for Twin Cities Franchisees.
13)   Guidelines to Franchisee for filling the MOU and Digital Certificate Application.
14)  Due to internal connectivity problem with Dept, Cyberabad Traffic eChallan Payment Service may not function till further notice.
15)  Electricity Bill Payment Service is enabled to all the Franchisees in SPDCL Districts. All the Franchisees are requested to inform your local EROs and start the service today.
16)  Due to the internal connectivity problem with the RTA server, Regular Tax Payment Service will not work till further notice
17)  Electricity Bill Payment Service - Revised Commission Structure with effect from 1st April 2012 for CPDCL, EPDCL and SPDCL Area Franchisees
18)  Please Upload Center photos as well Owner Photo in the inter face which we have provided in Home Page by Today (25/04/0212) 5.00 PM. Other wise your id's will be blocked.
19)  Upload the Centre Photographs
20)  Electricity Bill Payment Services - Service Charge Collection from the Citizen For EPDCL area Franchisees - Implemented from 11th April 2012.
21)  Electricity Bill Payment Services - Service Charge Collection from the Citizen - Implemented from 1st April 2012.


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