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Mee Seva Services

 The department of agriculture will soon join the revenue, municipal, registration, health and school education departments to offer multiple services to farmers through Mee Seva (e-Seva), the integrated citizen’s service centres.

Dear Meeseva Operator, this is to inform you that the Director, Meeseva has seen your Meeseva Centre Photos uploaded in the Meeseva Portal and was not satisifed with the quality of photos.

Hence, you are informed to place the Meeseva Boards as per the specifications and upload good quality photos of the your centre in the APOnline Admin login immediately.

Details of the Quality of the photos.
You can view your centre photo in

Your services will be deactivated if you donot upload the photos as per the below instructions by 6:00 PM 28th June 2012

Below are the suggestions for taking good photos of your Meeseva centre
Outer view photo
1) Meeseva baord should be placed on the top of the centre
2) Remove all other boards such as WesternUnion etc
3) Centre Walls should be clean and the paiting should be as per the Meeseva specifications
4) Take the photographs of the centre in the day light only.

Inner View photo
1) Place the logo baord backside of the operator at 6 feet hight
2) Place the citizen charter board inside the centre
3) Take the photograph from the entreance of the centre
4) In the photograph below items should be covered
  a) Logo Board
  b) Citizen Charter Board
  c) Operator
  d) One customer availaing service
  e) Computer, Printer

5) Take the photograph from the entrance of the centre in the day light
6) Remove the waste material inside the centre
7) Walls and floor should be clean and walls should be painted as per the Meeseva specfications

Sample Photos are also enclosed for your better understaing.

Outer View           Inner View

In case if you have any doubts please contact your District Exectuive. District Executive contact details are available in the Message Board.


Please start doing MeeSeva transactions immediately. Centres not having done atleast 5 transactions by 17th May 2012 shall be blocked from doing services of MeeSeva and APOnline from 18th May 2012.

NOTE: The above message is for the operators of the districts of Nalgonda, RR, Krishna, Medak, Mahaboobnagar & Khammam

If you have any problems in starting the service Contact your District Coordinator Contact numbers for Nalgonda                   - 9948264834, 
RR                             - 9989066929, 
Krishna                      -9989010702,
 Medak                       -9959589024, 
Mahaboobnagar         -8886290022, 
Khammam                  -9553000300 
Nellore                        -9550557449
Vinjamur                     - 9440749967
Thatipatri(pdr)            - 9848108739
Nlr(appolo)                 -9440935200
kakupalli                     -9550644664(krishna rao)
Pidathapulluru            -9849042600
Thotapalli                    -9705777816(sivaprasad)
kalichedu                     -9441735549
krishnapatnam             -9948005875(thulasi ram)
veguru                          -9959133012(bala gangadhar)

Another centers details comming soon...........................,
Plz Wait 




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